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Happy boosts

A new year, new goals, a new job and new materials!

A New Year

I don't know about you but the end of last year was hectic. Christmas is always a crazy time but this time I was also trying to get in the Christmas market and it got me right up until breaking point I think! That's mainly because I had a lot of other commitments on too. But I had my first Christmas stall! So proud. I had fully expected to just be sat there surrounded by loads of other amazing creative people selling their wares and have absolutely no one care about mine. Yet, not long after setting up, a lovely woman came and bought 3 things! Every purchase made that day got my heart to soar. People cared, I hadn't wasted my time. And even though everyone who knows me knew this too, it was great to just have some solid evidence to show for it.

My stall at Le pub, Newport

Despite all that, once the glow of my stall had worn off I gave up a bit with Alf and Florence and started to wonder if I'd go back to it. Bear in mind this was only over a few weeks but I honestly just felt worn out. Coming back from the Christmas break though I got to go to Nicola Downie Florist in Caerphilly and we strategised for the upcoming celebrations - Valentine's day and Mother's day. It felt so good to have someone, outside my family and friends, expecting something of me and pushing me towards achieving more. I came away once again glowing with enthusiasm. You've got to work flipping hard to achieve your dreams. I salute anyone who tries hard at such dreams.

New goals

Every year I make new goals and reflect on the goals from the previous year. For this new year I felt a bit overwhelmed about making goals, I'd already done a lot the previous year. I mainly for 2019 wanted to make sure I wasn't getting as stressed out as I had in 2018 but still be accomplishing. Goals felt daunting. For Christmas I'd been given a grand book called 'The Happiness Project' by Gretchen Rubin. I'm loving this, and it inspired me to make a list of truths I've learnt in adulthood and simply for 2019 more diligently keep them. Here are a few of them:

- People don't notice your mistakes as much as you think (stolen from The Happiness Project)

- Calm talk is better than crazy talk

- Gym really does solve a lot

- Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good (stolen from The Happiness Project)

- Don't hold grudges

- Chocolate won't solve anything

I wrote a few more on top of these, I'd encourage you to have a think about some truths you've learnt too. And read The Happiness Project!

A new job and new materials

I've started another part time job as an Art Teacher in primary schools near where I live. I had a few weeks doing it before Christmas and I'll be starting back next week. So far I am loving it. It's a dream come true to be teaching art with some really sweet kids. I've also been given TONS of second hand art equipment so now my office is truly an art room and I can use loads of stuff with the kids and my business. I love that I'm now making more of my life about art, doing what I truly love. I had had plans to always be a teacher but got side tracked with a mission, marriage, starting up many (too many) businesses with my ever ambitious husband. Now was time to return to that dream and it's been so great. I even got some Christmas cards for some of them! And one had looked up my art business! I wanted to show them you can achieve your dreams. Ben, my husband, with his ambitious ways has taught me that at least. Even if he has, what appears like, a lot more ease in achieving his.

Voilà, my new art office

Along with physical materials I feel equipped with mental materials following on from my truths listed above. I'm ready for you 2019! It's time for more projects and more blog posts! Do what you love.

Happy New Year! Thanks for reading, comment if you made it all the way through!



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