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Preparation & perseverance

I'm useless at writing a blog! HOWEVER I hope to have some more routine in my life soon so we shall see. This way I feel I can (fingers crossed) write more frequently. Though again this is something I always say. But as soon as I start typing I love it! The same with my art, sometimes I'm like - no I've worked all day in my other jobs! I don't want to come home and work some more - but it's different, it's relaxing, and makes me feel good to see what I can create!

I wanted to write a bit about preparation and perseverance. At the moment I am preparing for my very first Christmas Stall, where I shall be selling some of my art in the form of cards, badges, prints, t-shirts and tote bags! - all going well that is. As I've been preparing I've still felt a bit nervous - what if nobody buys anything? However I've had a few little sales that have kept up the positivity. The little ray of sunshine that just radiates from me when someone buys something I have created makes me so happy. Someone somewhere is wearing a badge I designed! Or gave a card to someone which I created! It's these little things that keep me going. Yet it's amazing how easily these little wins can be forgotten when you're putting yourself out there and feel you're not getting very far. If you get an opportunity - take it, it may not come up again!

I've really enjoyed entering the community of artists out there at the moment. With Christmas around the corner you can buy such cool and unique gifts, forget the generic high street! Shop small and have an artist do a happy dance. Speaking of, I am doing discounts off custom orders, so if you know someone who would love a custom print let me know! Take a look at my instagram for ideas. Plug over. But seriously I've been impressed by what's out there for instance @flintkat and @handsoffmydinosaur on instagram. Art makes me happy. Just create.

Huge thank you to Black Bear Vintage Wales (follow @blackbearvintagewales) and Nicola Downie Florist (follow @nicoladownieflorist) for stocking my products and being delightful to work with. Thank you also to Le Pub (follow @lepub) where I will be having my stall!!

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Thanks for reading!

Alex x

NEW: Dog & cat Christmas card

Back of my new cards

Flo waiting for a walk in dry weather (how we can all feel sometimes!)

The real Alf and Flo enjoying their walk after the rain


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